Frequently asked questions

Which devices are compatible with the Feelbelt?

Every Bluetooth audio device and devices with a 3.5mm jack can be used with Feelbelt.

Which gaming plattforms are supported?

Feelbelt works with Play Station 4, PC, Xbox One (additional hardware may be required) and Nintendo Switch (handheld mode) Other consoles can be connected via the TV's 3.5 mm jack.

Can I use the Feelbelt with my VR-Headset?

Feelbelt is compatible with the most common VR devices.

Does the Feelbelt only convert the bass and low frequencies? 

The Feelbelt converts everything from low (1 Hz) to high (20,000 Hz) frequencies.

Is chat audio also converted?

Yes, that contributes to the experience.

Can I track enemy players?

Yeah, as long as they make noise. The louder the noise, the more intense the feedback. However, the screen and display are still recommended. 😉

Where and when can I buy the Feelbelt?

The Feelbelt can be pre-ordered from 28 April 2020 on the website directly via Kickstarter-Page.