Our foundation is neuroscience

Belt on – World off.

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Symbol, das den Einsatz von Feelbelt bei Feelhealth durch Stress abbauen und entspannung des Gehirns zeigt.


Brain frequencies and activities are measured by means of an EEG (electroencephalogram) and a spectral analysis of brain waves. The complex interaction of the various brain networks becomes visible and proves the enormous potential of the Feelbelt for our health. The Feelbelt intensifies feelings and emotions and activates even subconscious emotions. A large-scale study with test persons is currently being conducted by a neuroscientific institute in Germany. The first results are promising and give cause for further studies.

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Feelbelt mit Inklusion


He who cannot hear wants to feel! Feelbelt lets hearing-impaired and deaf people experience the sound of multimedia content.

Feelhealth mit Inklusion und Sound Heilung

Sound – Healing

With the Feelbelt you can let your emotions run free and find yourself. Sound waves and vibrations are transferred to your body and have a positiv effect on your soul.

Feelhealth Entspannung durch Meditation


The goal of meditation is to bring you to rest. This requires a lot of practice. In combination with meditation music, the Feelbelt ensures through haptic feedback that your thoughts cannot break out.


“The Feelbelt is genius!” Neuroscientist “The feeling with the Feelbelt during meditation is just incredible” Susanne, 34 Years”The music expresses that which cannot be said and about which silence is impossible.” Victor Hugo”Wow… mantra singing and Feelbelt, it really gets you going” Samir, 46 Years”This is the best preparation for a healing, I really feel the energy in my hands” Meditation Expert”Binaural beats are great in themselves, but with the Feelbelt it comes in double power. “Kevin, 36 Years
Feelbelt mit Inklusion


Feelbelt enables hearing impaired and deaf people to feel music completely. For the first time, deaf people can actively participate in a musical experience. 

With the ability to represent both the direction and pitch of sounds, Feelbelt enables deaf people to access the sound of movies, video games and music. They can hear with their skin.  

Feelhealth mit Inklusion und Sound Heilung

Sound – Healing

Feelbelt takes you on a journey to the centre of your feelings.


The Feelbelt transforms the music into sensitive perceptions, which, due to the double perception of heard and felt impressions, achieves an increase in emotion that was previously not thought possible.


The music is not only heard, it actually touches you. It engulfs you and puts you in a virtually intoxication-like state that can extend across the entire range of emotions.


This emotional experience, when all the variables that characterize the melody become perceptible, when you feel the variation of the frequency of action, when every rhythm is transferred to you, then this 1:1 experience of feeling in harmony with the music will release something in you that was probably hidden from you until now.

Do not continue to suppress the power of your emotions, let yourself be liberated!