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Feelbelt exceeds funding goal and celebrates successful market entry 

Potsdam-based company finishes Kickstarter campaign with its sound gadget for the evolution of haptic feedback

Feelbelt launches wearable that transmits the entire frequency spectrum to let users “feel” sound 

The belt has 10 impulse generators and adds a new dimension to gaming, music, and movies

Berlinale 2020 – a stage for the international film market 

Berlinale 2020

Seven-Digit Valuation: Potsdam-Based Startup Feelbelt Closed First Seed Funding Round 

Potsdam – Wednesday, 19 February 2020 – Feelbelt GmbH, a MediaTech start-up from Potsdam, has officially completed the first round of seed funding, today. This results in a seven-digit valuation of the company; a great success for all parties involved and an important step in the right direction. Lead investors are JJE Invest GmbH, a group of entrepreneurs from Berlin. “Feelbelt will completely revolutionize the perception of sound and audio signals. We have developed a patented process that makes it possible to fully feel all sound frequencies for the first time. Through haptic feedback, an extremely exciting experience is created…

Feelbelt celebrates international debut in Berlin 

Berlin – Tuesday, 12 September 2019 – The Feelbelt and the company of the same name presented themselves to the public for the first time at the IFA in Berlin. For 6 days the approximately 250,000 IFA visitors had the chance to see the product up close and test it. “We at Feelbelt have the vision to create the best music experience ever,” said Benjamin Heese, managing director and one of the two founders of Feelbelt. “The concert experience is brought to your home. Anywhere and anytime,” adds --, his co-founder. Together with the FH Potsdam, Heese and Weiß…