Experience Haptic Feedback 2.0

With the Feelbelt, a new era of immersion in gaming, VR, music and film is emerging.

Experience multimedia content in a new way – thanks to haptic feedback 2.0, a globally patented technology that integrates a fourth dimension, the sense of touch, into the perception of content and sound.

For the first time, all content can be completely felt.

All the gaming and VR console and devices with which Feelbelt is compatible / Alle gaming und VR-Konsolen und Geräte, mit denen Feelbelt kompatibel ist

very successful crowdfunding project, which was completely financed within 48h

Feelbelt product Rendering / Feelbelt Produkt Rendering

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Feelbelt Features

Technology and Innovation

Icon for user friendly / Symbol für Benutzerfreundlichkeit


Bluetooth or 3.5mm jack – no matter. The Feelbelt is as flexible as you are. Connect it to your cell phone, TV, console or PC and get started.

Great Battery life / Große Lebensdauer der Batterie


With a battery life of up to 6 hours you can take the Feelbelt with you wherever you go. For everything else there is USB-C.

App control for immirsion / App-Steuerung für Immirsion


Fully control your feelbelt with our user-friendly app available on iOS and Android.

coverage of all frequencies for full emersion / Abdeckung aller Frequenzen für volle Emersion

From below to the top

You can feel everything from the humming car to the twittering bird. The Feelbelt transmits all frequencies between 1- 20.000Hz.

A tactful experience awaits you.

Feelbelt for an immersion experience / Feelbelt für ein immersives Erlebnis

Right in the middle

Be like Ready Player One in the middle or feel the music as if there was a concert in your living room. Feel the engine as if you were the racer yourself. Immerse yourself in the world of your perception and experience movies, video games and music more intensely than ever before.

Feelbelt Made in germany

Made in Berlin

We are sitting in the Filmpark Babelsberg in Potsdam. From here comes everything you see and hear. The development and production of the Feelbelt takes place in Berlin – right in the creative heart of Germany.

Use the full potential of sound.

20,000Hz – you get everything.

Our skin picks up sound waves over the air. Especially bass we can feel very intense.

You know it from the disco – this is haptic feedback and creates a special feeling with the music.

Headphones only give you half the truth. So much more is possible.

The Feelbelt brings this haptic effect back to your body for every virtual experience. And not only with bass.

300% financing

reached at Kickstarter

The MediaTech Startup Feelbelt produces

completely in Berlin.

In the following video the management presents their vision, what their goals are and why they build the best technology gadget for you.

For our technology geeks

Feelbelt opened up to see its internal specification/ Feelbelt geöffnet, um seine interne Spezifikation zu sehen
Fully digital audio processing
10 independent vibration channels
ARM Dual Core processor with digital signal processing unit
Automatic switch off
Battery capacity 2400 mAh @ 3.7V (= 8.88 Wh)
Premium Bluetooth-Sender
2x 3.5 mm jacks for line-in and headphone output
Different modes for music, games, bass and more will follow via updates
Built-in joystick for independent adjustment of headphone volume and haptic intensity