The future of your

home music experience

Feelbelt brings your favorite concert to your home or any other place in the world.

Experience the senses

By activating the sense of touch, you experience music more intensely than ever before.

Because you feel with your whole body what you have only heard before. The completeness that the Feelbelt creates supports you when you dive into quiet music in a relaxed way or when you experience a rousing live event.

The music becomes a part of you.

A person with Feelbelt enjoying music / Person mit Feelbelt genießt Musik

Feel concert

Imagine you are at the live concert of your favorite band.

All around you are cheering, singing people. You are captured by the atmosphere, the highs and lows fill the hall, you feel it with your whole body.

You ask yourself how you can experience this feeling at home?

The Feelbelt makes it possible to experience this feeling outside of concert halls.

You get the feeling,

like you were at a concert.

Was a concert cancelled in the last months,

which you would like to visit?

Would you like to go back to the club? more and more artists bring their music to us through social media channels.

With Feelbelt you can still experience the sound feeling as it moves on your body, don't miss this special feeling.

Presented at the IFA 2019

We presented our prototype for you at the IFA 2019 in Berlin. We took feedback from more than 1.000 people to create the best music experience for you. So we built an app for you, where you can individually adjust how intensive you want the haptic feedback to be.


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