Feel what happens!

Unleash your full potential with the Feelbelt.

your leagler cheat

We all want to be better than the opponent.

You react faster when you feel the sound: react faster feel where the opponent is coming from feel the stereo distances better feel different sounds and react better depending on the situation.

You simply connect the Feelbelt to your sound source via jack or Bluetooth.

Dive into the game

A gaming adventure that goes right under your skin.

The Feelbelt opens a fourth dimension and you feel what is happening in your game.

From now on, just listening to what is happening is a thing of the past.

Gamers who use the Feelbelt as a gaming accessory in Esports / Gamer, die den feelbelt als gaming zubehör in Esports verwenden
Spieler, die den feelbelt als Gaming zubehör / Gaming acessories in der Casual- oder Esport-Sitution verwenden.

Feel your Game

With haptic feedback, the Feelbelt creates a new level of reality and immersion in gaming and VR, so that you participate more intensely in the entire action.

In a car race you experience the driving experience more intensely and in a first person shooter game the shots of your opponent are more realistic.

Or do you just want to dive deeper into your game?

You feel every effect. Every spell and every little sound. Experience gambling on a completely new level.

The Feelbelt

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Rainbow 6, Mincraft, Battlefield V, F1 2020, Hunt


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